Runaway Camper

Campers have recently become the craze for outdoor camping enthusiasts. They provide all sort of comforts that can make a camping trip much more enjoyable, yet many people argue against them as well. We decided to take a look into why some people are for them while others are against them and have chosen to take a look at the runaway camper. We will now list the main advantages and disadvantages, to state it plainly, what we liked and disliked.


One of the advantages we found in using one of these campers is that it is very compact, and light when attached to your vehicle. Taking long trips can be exhausting at times and having a big heavy piece of machinery slowing you down can get expensive on Gas too. However, having used the runaway camper, we found that it is pretty light on its wheels and can barely be felt attached to our car.

Another advantage to this camper is the comfort it provides on the inside. A small bed can fit perfectly for 2, the camper provides electricity and a great amount of light to keep your camper lit if you want to read at night. You can also reach out to your local electrician to hook up power cords so that you can keep your cell phone charged at all times along with any other battery guzzling device.  Another advantage I found is the sliding window with its lock. This window provides a cool breeze in the event that you do not want to use the next and greatest advantage. This advantage, in my opinion, is the climate control system that is built in. This provides the utmost comfort in various climates throughout america.


One of the disadvantages I found is that the runaway camper can feel snug and will definitely be a problem if it is more than 2 people sharing the space, or if both people sharing it are above 6 feet tall. Also, dragging the camper around may get expensive in the event of an emergency repair to the camper or your vehicle. Many large SUV’s and Van’s provide very similar comfort to the camper with the difference that the SUV or Van can carry more passengers.

Overall I believe the runaway camper is great because of its compact size, and its convenience in carrying all of the necessary  equipment, I also believe the built in climate control system is great considering I tend to sweat profusely in warm environments. It mainly comes down to how many people you plan on traveling with. Are you a father of three seeking to take your family on a trip? Then I suggest not using the runaway camper. Are you simply seeking to travel alone or with a special someone? If so, this camper is perfect for you!