Carpe Diem Mini

This little camper has been designed to fit most garages.
Our model Carpe Diem Mini allows you to use your compact car, and is absolutely 4-cylinder friendly. Weighing in at under 700 lbs. (and under a 100 lb.s tongue weight), this little camper can fit in most garages.

This unit features many great standards including a windows on both sides with protective screens from wild nature, a door can be locked from inside and outside, two interior lights with adjustable heads, 1 power outlet, carpeted floors,

Not hard on gas, and not hard on your wallet!
Carpe Diem Mini delivers both comfort and style. With an empty weight of less than 700 lbs and an overall length of 11′ 8″, this mini camper can be easily towed with most vehicles, even the smallest of vehicles such as the Mini Cooper or the VW Beetle, Fiat 500.


You can customize outside color of your trailer and choose from 30 different color of aluminum we can cover your trailer with

15 inch Tire and 3500 lbs Axle now standard