I love my new mini trailer. Taking it out for a Maiden voyage this weekend. The build of these things is beyond Superior. And the customer service is great. I would highly recommend buying from MyMini trailer.

I just got back from my first trek and the trailer was great! It pulled easily behind my Subaru Forester, no problems up the hills of West Virginia. We went north across PA, OH, IN, IL, WI, MN, ND, MT, and home by way of SD, NE, KA, MO, KY WV, MD, NJ, NY, and CT. I recommend higher grade tires for out West- speed limits are 75 mph. Some construction zones were pretty rough and rearranged my kitchen packing quite a bit. I’ll have to work on that, but everything else faired well. I love this camper and can hardly wait for my next vacation!

The construction of these trailers are excellent. I have made a few mods to mine such as running electric with a few outlets, a small shelve near where I’ll be sleeping to put my loose change wallet and cell phone, and last but not least I made a cabinet underneath the bottom shelve up front to house a microwave with storage below it. I had a little problem getting the trailer titled and registered, but Umit went up and above to see that I would be able to it corrected. Just ordered a couple more things for it. Can’t wait to take it out for it maiden voyage. Thanks guys!

Very cute design, very sturdy and great customer relationship.

5 Star  Love it!! Get lots of comments on it, too. Thanks!! Neal Davis