Our Philosophy & Our Mission
  • My Mini Trailer Story

    If I were a betting man, I’d bet that you love outdoors, camping and traveling. I’d also bet that you are looking for a trailer that would offer convenience, utility, sleek design, and comfort but at an affordable price. Well.. I am not a betting man, but I know those are the things that bring many of our customers who enjoy our trailers at the most affordable price point.

    I also know that I am not much different than you. Those were the qualities I was looking for when I decided to upgrade my camping experience from tent camping to trailer camping, and started looking for a trailer that would fit my needs.

    However, to my surprise, it wasn’t long before I have come across various limitations that were working against me;

    First of all, I was told that I needed to come up with a whopping $10,000 or more to buy a decent trailer. And while I was trying to shake myself out of that sticker shock, I was told that my car is mostly likely too small to tow that trailer any ways. Boy, did that rubbed me the wrong way!!!

  • I am a simple guy but I passionately defend that the freedom to enjoy the beauty of our country, the nature, the mountains, the streams, the trees and the unbelievable views. And I don’t think that freedom should come with a high price tag and only be offered to those who can afford it.

    Now I have been to many places and I know what I want from my outdoors experience at this point in my life. I want to be always packed and ready to take off to my next destination, enjoy the most of what is offered to us in our short life span.

    Since I didn’t have the budget and the intention to spend that much for a trailer (and buy a bigger car on top of that) , I decided to build a trailer and keep the price of the trailer under $4000 and make it light and small enough that it can be towed by most cars.

    After many sleepless nights and 18 hour days, we accomplished building a trailer for under $4000 with all the features I was looking for.

  • My Passion

    This decision gave birth to our company My Mini Trailer, where our goal and passion is to serve people who love nature, camping and outdoors but want to have an affordable trailer that will keep them company.

    But I would’ve never imagined that, what started as my passion to create an economic solution to my camping needs would be supported by thousands of people who now know about our company and show their support every day. My team and I have met some awesome people along the way who became a part of our story and we keep meeting new ones every day.

    We are extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to build the dream trailer of our customers.

    And I am truly looking forward to meeting you soon as well.

    Live well, Live free.

    Founder and Owner

    Umit Demircan.

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