• 3 in 1 Climate Control System Vents

    Instead of having separate systems for heat, A/C and a dehumidifier, this system gives you all of that in one unit. And the best part is this is a portable unit that can be carried any where and doesn’t require a huge hole in your trailer. We now install the vent for the 3 in 1 Climate Control System, You can order your own unit to come to your door from the climateright website and pick the BTU amount for your needs.

    Price: $150 for vents only

  • Awning

    You can add some shade to your trailer. It comes with our roof rack included in the price.

    Price for 6 ft wide $ 655

    Price for 8 ft wide $ 750


  • Air Conditioner

    5000 BTU Air conditioner keeps you cool, price includes 2 shelves

    Price: $350.00

  • Solar package

    Solar Package, Includes- 100W solar panel, 2 shelves, Pioneer Bluetooth radio, 18 or 20 Amp/h sealed battery, led light under the self , Charge controller with 2 USB outputs  to charge your phone or tablet. 2 Speakers.

    Price: $ 575

  • Vinyl flooring

    Upgrade to vinyl Flooring

    Price: $50

  • Pin Striping

    Stand out with pin stripe on your trailer

    Price: $50

  • Spare Tire And Front Basket/Rack

    It’s always a good idea to have spare tire in case your on and about and you need to replace one of the tires.

    Price: $165 Spare Tire

    Price: $105 Front Basket/Rack

  • Different color outside

    Upgrade to a different color on the outside of trailer

    Price: $350

  • Diamond Plate Front And Diamond Plate Fenders

    Protect your trailer with our stunning debris-guard Diamond Plate Front and Diamond Plate Fenders.

    Price: $125 Diamond Plate Front

    Price: $200 Diamond Plate Fenders


    Our custom roof rack built specifically for our trailers is capable of carrying up to 150 lbs. Whether you are taking your kayak or a couple of bikes, our sturdy roof rack will handle the job.

    Price: $250


    This is the most requested add on we have. Your kitchenette comes with a rear door that opens up vertically and it gives you much needed room that can be utilized as a prep area, breakfast table and additional shelves to store your goods to make your camping experience even more unforgettable. And the best of all,this option doesn’t take any space away from the sleeping area.

    Price: Price: $490


    These are one of the best seller add-ons of our options. They make your trailer more utility rich than it already is. You get 2 underfloor storage units that will give you additional room to store your valuables, bedding and much more.

    ( Each 5.5"x20"x35" )

    Price: $250


    Your basic trailer comes equipped with one high quality door with a window with protective screen. In other words, you get 3 windows on all of our trailer. But if you’d like add another door to the driver side of your trailer. Here is the opportunity to do so.

    Price: $600


    Your trailer comes equipped with 2 windows with protective screens. You can customize your trailer further by adding another window to the front of the trailer of the back of it. (Rear window option is not available if you are adding a kitchenette to your trailer.

    Price: $300


    This Folding Foam Bed with pillow is

    designed all high quality foam covered by solid color fabric. You can save more space Use it as a chair, or simply unfold it into a super plush mattress. İt’s about the size of a full size mattress. or (5x46x74) or 4.5x58x78

    Price: $235


    You can equip your trailer with additional shelves for more customization.

    Price: $25.00 per Shelf

  • Inside door/table

    Don’t feel like going outside? If you want a prep, break fast or study table that gives you Access to your kitchenette, you will love this option.

    Price: $100