I am a simple guy but I passionately defend that the freedom to enjoy the beauty of our country, the nature, the mountains, the streams, the trees and the unbelievable views. And I don’t think that freedom should come with a high price tag and only be offered to those who can afford it.

Now I have been to many places and I know what I want from my outdoors experience at this point in my life. I want to be always packed and ready to take off to my next destination, enjoy the most of what is offered to us in our short life span.

Since I didn’t have the budget and the intention to spend that much for a trailer (and buy a bigger car on top of that) , I decided to build a trailer and keep the price of the trailer under $4000 and make it light and small enough that it can be towed by most cars.

After many sleepless nights and 18 hour days, we accomplished building a trailer for under $4000 with all the features I was looking for.