Teardrop Trailers

There has never been a greater time as the one we find ourselves in for camping enthusiasts. Technology today has made outdoor camping an activity anyone can enjoy guaranteeing 100% comfort whether you find yourself in a remote location, or even in your own backyard! Just imagine traveling across the country with every comfort at hands reach. Nothing can beat that!

Comforts such as electricity, cooking space, space for all traveling gear that must accompany any traveler in their journey are guaranteed to follow the traveler everywhere they choose to go on their journey, but not all trailers provide this level of comfort.

Camping in this manner is made possible today by the different kinds of trailers available and while some are new and high-tech, people sometimes prefer the traditional models they have known for most of their lives such as the teardrop trailer. However, I believe it is mainly due to a lack of knowledge about what is made available to the modern traveler. We have all heard of the beloved teardrop trailers that have been around since the 1920’s made famous by outdoor lovers, these oddly shaped trailers quickly gained popularity after world war one due to the excess of materials around the country and became widely used by seasonal camping enthusiasts when the plans for the mini camper were first made available to the public. They stand out because of their teardrop-like shape and are compact enough to carry many of your personal belongings when going on a camping trip. Although quite small, many people found them to be the perfect tool to join them on their journey because it provided them with enough space to carry the things deemed necessary for any camping adventure. These were considered the best camping tool in their time but have slowly lost popularity because of the small campers’ recent rise in popularity.

What’s so great about these campers, and why are they the new trend for outdoor lovers?

I can think of a number of reasons as to why I prefer the small camper over a teardrop trailer, and I say this as an experienced traveler having taken many trips in all sorts of different campers, yes, teardrop included!

The main things I look for in a camper are its comfort, lounging space, style, and design. These are important especially if you plan on going on an extended trip forcing you to live daily within your vehicle. Well, maybe comfort doesn’t depend too much on style, but it’s definitely an important factor if you want to show off a cool toy. Both of these trailers have similar features such as they are both lightweight and small enough to be towable by almost any vehicle while having an economic value since they don’t require such a large gas guzzling truck to pull it around. I am definitely a supporter of the newer campers and that being said, here are the 7  main reasons as to why I believe small campers are the new trend if you are an outdoors lover like myself.

  • 1.   The most important reason in my opinion regarding this new trend that demonstrates why the teardrops have gone out of fashion is the comfort that the slightly larger small campers provide. Most teardrops are hard, stiff, and small, only making room for the most basic equipment; a small sleeping bag or small mattress can fit inside with room for up to only 2 people to sleep in uncomfortably, while the camper offers just the opposite of discomfort if traveling with one other person. If traveling with your special someone, you will definitely want to guarantee that person comfort and what a better way to do so than with a camper. In addition to this, the hidden compartments and shelves provide ample enough storage space for all of your belongings eliminating the need to have things scattered around the area you seek to spend the night in guaranteeing a soundless, comfortable night of rest ahead of your many adventures on the road. These compartments can be found underneath the floor, on the roof, side doors, rear door, its interior, and exterior as well!
  • 2.   The space available within the new campers is not to be compared at all to the teardrop trailers. Most teardrops only include space available in the rear part of its teardrop shape, found by opening the trunk-like compartment revealing various drawers and cabinets to fit what you wish to carry with you. This is opposed to the campers that literally have compartments everywhere; Rear, underfloor, outdoor, and indoor compartments serve to provide you the needed space to carry all of your valuable belongings on your journey, while offering the best available indoor space for you to lounge in, eat in, and sleep comfortably at night in. Depending on who you are, and what your tastes are, you may find that the teardrop trailer is suitable for you instead of a small camper. But when deciding on which one to purchase, I prefer assured comfort over a cramped space.
  • 3.   The next and most attractive reason is the designs of the new trailers as opposed to the classic teardrop shape. The reason why the new designs are so attractive is that they can be customized to your liking making them attractive when out on the road when catching the eye of many admirers in your adventure. These can be customized with speakers on the outside providing music and an enjoyable atmosphere in your favorite camping grounds around family and friends while making new acquaintances at your destination. You can choose all sorts of colors and add-on’s that teardrops simply do not have adequate room for. These designs are aerodynamic and have been thoroughly researched to provide the utmost safety while on the road, guaranteeing that your trip will be smooth when taking even the sharpest of turns, or while traveling fast in long stretches of road.
  • 4.   Many people that have their small camper parked in their garage have found that it provides multiple uses. Their size is large enough to transport objects from one place to the other in case you need to move out of your home, or it can also serve as storage for belongings you want out of sight. Its space guarantees room enough for a great number of belongings whether using it for storage, moving your belongings from one home to another (in more than one trip of course), and enough space to enjoy an extended period of time away from home on your own, or with a special someone. The reduced pace of teardrop trailers is another reason that demonstrates why they are out of fashion, highlighting why small campers are best.
  • 5.   The fifth reason is that teardrops are mostly made of aluminum (although customizable) while the more modern trailers are made of different materials such as wood making them highly appealing to people seeking to camp out in the woods, lovers of rustic designs, causing the trailers to blend into the environment creating the perfect opportunity for beautiful pictures and selfies. The new trailers are modernized and made with materials that help to keep the heat away as opposed to the teardrops that catch the heat and keep it trapped inside turning it into an oven on wheels. I’ve known several people that have had to wake up to breaking sweats in very hot environments which can be pretty unsanitary if you do not have a shower readily available. Many enjoy the teardrops’ simplicity and it really comes down to your budget, and what it is that you prefer, along with what you are seeking to accomplish with your trailer. Are you going on a long trip across the country? In that case, comfort may be in your best interest since long days away from home can become burdensome if not properly prepared for.
  • 6.   One of the greatest needs for travelers today is the ability to rely on enough light in the interior of their camper in order to partake in activities such as reading and writing. This is one of the reasons demonstrating why the small camper is so attractive to travelers. Their windows are tinted and their size is ample enough to clearly observe what goes on in their surroundings. This, on the other hand, can vary in the teardrop trailer since for the most part have small windows forcing the traveler to use artificial light within the camper during the day. Also, thanks to the ample windows, you can keep your camper well ventilated helping you keep nasty odors away from your trailer while keeping you cool and fresh in warm environments.
  • 7.   The last and possibly most compelling reason is the camper community’s opinion of it. When traveling, you may encounter large camper communities and will see that most have the larger trailers and many will argue that they chose their trailers because of their ability to provide quality comfort during their trip. This reason is most compelling because spending months out on the road can be extremely tiring if, in an uncomfortable environment, many argue that they would rather sleep in a tent on the floor, instead of a rough, tight, uncomfortable place like the teardrop. Another reason as to why this argument is so compelling is because here, we are relying on the opinion of many experienced camper travelers that have had a taste of the teardrop trailer, and decided to go with something else instead.

With the 7 reasons mentioned in this article, we can clearly see that the small camper is the better choice of the two trailers, hands down, no question asked. Are the few reasons previously stated not enough to make you consider a camper instead of the teardrop? Check both styles out for yourself and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about! All you need is your naked eye in order to determine which one you will feel the most comfortable in. It’s up to you to choose between the teardrop trailer and the small camper, but it really depends on what kind of trip you seek to go on anyway. Do you plan on traveling to a nearby place for a short period of time, maybe a day’s camping trip or fishing outing? Although old-fashioned, the teardrop might be the better choice for you, which is unlikely since most people that seek this kind of campers tend to go on extended trips, many times across the country. In that case, small campers would be the obvious choice since they provide unparalleled comfort, style while traveling, and guaranteed memories that will last you a lifetime!

Keep in mind that the camper has an additional use of storage and transportation of objects. That being said, no matter which trailer you choose, simply imagine resting with your special someone besides a crystal clear lake, overlooking gorgeous snow capped mountains, while enjoying fresh air, peace, and tranquility; making this sort of trip the romantic, unforgettable trip of a lifetime! These reasons are enough to make you stop wasting time on deciding which trailer to purchase and instead make use of the time you do have to take off on an adventure of your own. I hope that this article does help you decide on which trailer you’ll purchase, either way, I’m sure you’ll choose a camper over a teardrop trailer simply because the teardrops are now out of fashion because of the amazing small camper which makes the best traveling companion for any sort of outdoor trip you wish to go on.