teardrop camper

It is incredible to know that the teardrop camper has been around since the 1930’s considering it is still a highly popular camper that many people purchase to go on road trips. These campers are small and compact allowing space for 2 people to sleep in and usually have a small kitchen space in the back useful for quick stops on the side of the road to enjoy your favorite home cooked meal when you’re on the go. This is considered the smallest camper in the towable camper industry making them the babies of the camper world.

They get their name from their cool looking teardrop shape which has made them very popular and I assume from their size as well, since these campers range between 4 feet to 6 feet on average in width and around 8 feet to 10 feet on average in length. As a suggestion, these campers are best used if you plan on traveling alone or with a partner, we have already discussed their dimensions and it is perfect for a romantic getaway with a special someone. I definitely cannot imagine traveling in this with a family of 4.

The teardrop camper usually has cool features useful for camping outdoors such as a battery to maintain constant electricity with various power hook-ups in order to keep devices charged at all times. The camper also with a sliding window to allow a breeze and sunlight to shine through along with various storage compartments where you can keep clothes and groceries which eliminates the need to lug around large travel bags. They weigh less than 1,000 pounds making them very fuel efficient compared to other campers out there. This lightness also makes it easy for almost any vehicle to haul around for you, this eliminates the need of having a large gas guzzling truck to pull your teardrop camper around for you. It also comes with an optional AC system in the event you decided to take your trip in the middle of the hot summer. This way you can ensure cool, sweat-less nights.

This camper definitely has its advantages and disadvantages, but these only apply depending on the kind of person you are. Are you a single bachelor seeking to travel alone? Then this camper is right for you! Are you seeking to invite that special someone on a romantic camping getaway? Then it is a fit for you as well. Are you a father or mother seeking to take your family of 4 across the country? In that case, I would strongly advise against purchasing the teardrop camper since it will cause a big disturbance in your family by making everyone travel uncomfortably.

In Conclusion, a small compact camper is THE way to go if you seek to travel alone or with your loved one because of its size. If you plan on traveling with a large group, a much bigger camper than the teardrop camper is highly recommended.